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Conservation projects

WPS: Stopping poachers

Just last week, our system captured suspicious human activity on a game reserve in South Africa. They were able to locate and disarm the suspected poachers, though unfortunately the poachers were able to escape.

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Conservation challenges in the DRC

Besides mountain gorillas, DR Congo is home to many other unique and rare species. Records show a total of 218 mammal species and over 700 bird species. The biodiversity is astonishing, showing just how critical the conservation in the DRC is. Bu...

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Elephant corridors: protecting herds

Fenced-in corridors allow free and safe movement that can give elephants the protection they need to migrate without harming human property or developments.

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Africa's Tusk Awards

The annual Tusk awards fall into two categories: the Prince William Award for Lifetime Conservation Achievement, honoring seasoned conservationists who have made considerable progress towards conservation in Africa, and the Tusk Award for Conserva...

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