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Planning your safari

Taking a disability on safari

A walking impairment should not stop you going on a ‘bog standard’ safari. Experience has taught me to ask for assistance and explain what the issue or level of disability restricts you from doing.

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Yoga safaris

Picture an African sunrise, with overwhelming hues of pastel pinks and oranges painting the sky acts as your backdrop while you free yourself and all your worries on your mat. Ready for your yoga safari?

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Planning your South African honeymoon!

South Africa is a popular destination honeymoon. It has it all: beaches, wineries, diving, safaris and more! We recently returned from our honeymoon and I recommend taking the time to research the destinations where you'll be going to make sure yo...

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Gear for gorilla trekking

To get the best experience out of your trek, you need to prepare well and pack the right gear. Ensuring you've brought these simple, basic items like heavy, long trousers, gardening gloves to protect your hands, and plenty of water will have a sig...

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South Africa's new travel regulations for children

As of 1 October, 2014, South Africa is introducing new traveling rules for families or individuals traveling with children to and from the country. The new rules will enforce families or individuals traveling with children to produce complete and ...

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4 reasons to try camping safaris

If you’re in the processing of planning a safari in Africa, you have an interest in nature and in being a part of it. What better way to enjoy the stellar flora and fauna you traveled so far to see than to completely immerse yourself in it? A pri...

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When to see the great migration?

The wildebeest may be the stars of the migration, but they are not the only participants. They are joined by other ungulates such as zebra, gazelles, eland and impala. The old adage ‘there’s safety in numbers’ certainly holds true here. By travel...

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How to tell if your safari guide is a pro!

Good African safari guides not only have a deep love for the African bushveld, but are keen to share their experience and special knowledge with you!

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Malaria: What to know

There are several anti-malarial medications on the market and what you choose depends on budget and how you react to the medication.

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Kids on safari

What is the right age to bring kids on an African safari? A safari is a great learning experience and can also be an excellent way to spend time with your friends and family. This is the one time you’ll have the opportunity to see untamed wilderne...

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