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Spotlight on Victoria Falls

A great way to fully appreciate the masses of water thundering into the gorge is to view them by helicopter. After taking off from its base it first descends right into the Batoka Gorge whizzing past steep walls following the mighty Zambezi.

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Kilimanjaro routes: which are the best?

Anyone who has planned a trip to climb Kilimanjaro has been faced with a main question: which route should we take? We focus on the top-four: Lemosho, Rongai, Machame, Marangu.

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QENP: A must-see in Uganda

If you're considering a safari in Uganda, here are five reasons to include Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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Dar es Salaam

What many people do not realize is how easily a visit to Dar es Salaam can be combined with a safari. It's easy to arrange international flights that arrive in or depart from Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) so that a few days can be spe...

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Tarangire: A hidden gem

Tarangire is an elephant refuge, so the park is naturally an elephant-lover's dream. We were rewarded just minutes after arrival as we encountered a multi-generational herd frolicking in a small pond not far from the entrance. The youngsters pract...

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Give Hwange a try

Hwange is famous for its hugely abundant elephant herds, one of the largest wild dog populations in Africa, and of course, its lions. Leopard, hyena and cheetah are present as well, and birders will enjoy a wide variety of species. Give Hwange a t...

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Uganda's domestic flights

While not as established or sophisticated as Tanzania's or Kenya's systems, Uganda does offer internal and charter flights to greatly reduce journey times and allow people to visit every park on their wish list.

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Giving Gorongosa a chance

In the post-war years Gorongosa suffered catastrophic poaching as the country struggled for stability, but wildlife numbers are slowly growing, infrastructure is rebuilt, and peace returned. Large game such as elephant and buffalo were relocated f...

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7 unique hotels in Africa

These are 7 of the most unique lodges to stay in when visiting Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. Satao Elerai Lodge allows you to lie in bed and gaze out on majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro. Manta Resort, off Zanzibar, offers underwater lodging! Lion ...

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Africa's Top 10 romantic destinations

Among Africa's top 10 romantic destinations are the Masai Mara, Victoria Falls and the Kalahari Desert...Are you already wishing you were here for Valentine's Day? Africa offers something for all those romantic at heart! Whether you choose a coa...

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Visiting Gabon

Gabon's ecotourism potential is huge, with 10% of Gabon’s fragile environment now under protection. But as far as authentic eco-tourism goes, it is believed that Gabon was just too hasty. the country needs to step up its services and facilities b...

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