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Kethi Kilonzo of Kenya's short political career

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Kethi Kilonzo will not be in the race for the Makueni Senator position . Her short lived political ambitions were brought to a halt when the election tribunal ruled that she was not an eligible candidate for any electoral position.

Kethi kilonzo, who burst into the national limelight during the presidential, Uhuru Kenyatta, petition at the supreme court, is also a daughter of the late Makueni senator, Mutula Kilonzo. She was the favorite candidate in the race for the Makueni senator’s seat. Her woes began when allegations were made that she was not a registered voter and therefore she does not qualify to run for any electoral position. Kethi maintained that she was a registered voter and therefore she had fulfilled the due diligence that cleared her to be her father’s successor.

The mystery surrounding her said registration and the IEBC acknowledgement slip in her possession left many question unanswered.

Hope a political debut for this brilliant lawyer seems to have dwindled when she failed to offer explanations for where she registered, or even how she manage to register with an expired passport and photocopies of her national ID instead of the original ID.

The IEBC Dispute Resolution Committee chaired by Thomas Letangule, delivered their verdict amid booing and heckling by Kethi Kilonzo’s supporters. They said that considering the evidence that was presented, she was not a registered voter anywhere in the country, consequently, they revoked her nomination certificate.

According to a testimony rendered by the IEBC director in charge of voter registration, Ms Immaculate Kassait, a search for her name in the IEBC voter register came back negative. Ms Kassait also said that the registration slip that in her possession was stolen from a booklet that was used to register the former President Kibaki, which was a matter of police investigation.

Other anomalies in Kethi’s claims are that the slip in her possession was issued in 2011 while Kethi maintained that she was registered last year (2012).

This brilliant Kenyan lawyer who still enjoys the support of the people of Makueni, has been quoted having said that she was in political nursery school , referring to her being a novice in the political scene. Now she just learned just how hard politics can be. Not only did she lose a chance to debut in the political scene, but she could be facing criminal investigations and that may not end well for one Diana Kethi Kilonzo.


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