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Trees & festivities in Livingstone, Zambia

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There is a music festival of a new kind being planned in Livingstone, Zambia. Earth Fest is a combined music and sustainability festival, and will take place in combination with Greenpop’s Trees for Zambia initiative. 

In merely two and a half years, Greenpop has achieved many international successes.  With their aim of making a greener and sustainable lifestyle popular, possible, and accessible to all, Greenpop has already planted more than 23,000 trees in 245 locations. According to Greenpop, well over a 100,000 people has benefitted from their greening initiatives. And in July, Greenpop is returning to Zambia for the second consecutive year, to continue the Trees for Zambia initiative.

In 2012, Greenpop launched the Trees for Zambia project. The aim of the project is firstly reforestation, but with a dual purpose of raising eco-awareness. Through their reforestation and eco-awareness campaign, Trees for Zambia is bringing the message of climate change, environmental sustainability and alternative energy to the people of Zambia. 

To continue this initiative, this year’s Trees for Zambia event will open on 7 July 2013. The Earth Fest is scheduled for 19 – 20 July 2013.  As Zambia gears up for the festivities, there is also great excitement – Earth Fest will be the very first of its kind, for the entire globe.  And Zambia will be the proud host! What makes this festival different is its green and sustainability focus, combined with action focus of the event. Greenpop is aiming to plant at least 5,000 trees during the event, and thus no wonder some say it will be a tree-mendous event!  The trees will be planted at schools, small rural farms and designated reforestation sites. The music festival will spoil festival goers with southern Africa’s best musical talent, and sustainability workshops hosted by Greenpop, will be offered with the music events. 

Greenpop spreads positive news and innovation across the globe - and while doing so, it is correcting one of our greatest environmental losses: the 14 million trees that have been lost around the world in the past decade alone. The loss of trees due to deforestation is severely experienced in Zambia, which is known for its diverse sub-tropical fauna and flora. Zambia is often referred to as the one of the highly forested countries. But although Zambia has over 50 million hectares of forest, about 60% of the country’s land surface, the country’s natural forest coverage is shrinking drastically.  It was reported that during the decade 1990 – 2000, up to 850,000 hectares of natural forests were lost every year. Today, deforestation is somewhat slower, but a loss of between 250,000 and 300,000 hectares of forest remain severe. Deforestation in Zambia is due to three key reasons: land use change to agriculture and settlements, poor forest and fire management, and weak conservation laws and unsuccessful public participation. In light of these leading deforestation causes and Zambia’s need for environmental initiatives, Greenpop’s treevolution and associated eco-awareness programs are bringing welcome change to the country. Thus if you find yourself visiting Zambia during July, or wish to contribute in some other way, be sure to get in contact with Greenpop and join the treevolution!



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