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Website optimization guide for safari tour operators

About YAS

Your African Safari is a safari-planning and safari review site. It was created to help support a healthy African wildlife population. All reviews are vetted before being approved and only ethical tours are published

If you are like most tour operators out there, you probably have a website. You may have paid a once off to get it designed a few years back, and it’s just there – taking up space on that mysterious cyberspace cloud that is known as the internet. And you might be getting a few sales from it here and there, but it’s probably due to luck rather than principles that have proven to increase sales. Good news though, there are proven principles out there that will help you sell your safaris.

And we will present them to you into easily implementable, bite-sized steps in this three part series.

Use better pictures

As the old adage goes, pictures are worth a thousand words – and your viewers will be immediately attracted to (or turned off by) whatever pictures you display on your website. In other words, you better make them good. So follow these simple tips to make sure that the pictures are looking their best and getting more people on your safaris.

Tip #1: Make them relatable

When people look at pictures of tours, they like to envision themselves on the actual tours. That means, the people in your photos should be representative of the people actually viewing the photos (i.e., your target audience). If you are selling to an older audience, don’t shower your website with images of strappy young guys and gals cruising around on Land Rovers – have that include older people.
Insider tip: Regardless of who is in the picture, please make sure that they are smiling. A smile tells the story of a fun and welcoming safari.


Tip #2: Take them on a sunny day

On a cloudy, rainy day, most people want to curl up in bed and watch a movie – they most certainly do not want to go experience the great outdoors. A sunny day complete with a perfectly blue sky, on the other hand? That’s when they want to be outside. If you don't believe it, just take a look at the picture below. It was taken of the exact same beach on different days. Use sunny bright and richly colored photographs to showcase your tours or activities.

You're probably more drawn to the picture on the right and so are most people. Lesson? Make sure that all the pictures on your website were taken on a picture perfect (aka sunny) day.

Tip #3: Invest in a professional

Phones are great for taking pictures and posting them on Facebook. But keep the phone away from your website! You are professional and your pictures need to be, too. Invest in a professional photographer who will take pictures of happy people representing your target audience on a sunny day!

Insider tip: If you can’t afford a professional, there are tons of photography students keen to build up their portfolio and snap some pictures for you for a deeply discounted price.

Although this is a great start, it takes a lot more than just great pictures to fully optimize your website – so stay tuned for the parts two and three of this series!

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