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Claudious Tours & Safaris reviews

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Worst agency ever. Do not book with these guys.

Views: 41 Visited: May 2020 Reviewed: May 25, 2020
Note: Jeremy W did not go on safari with Claudious Tours & Safaris

We booked an African safari package with Claudious Tours back in February. The trip was supposed to be from 28MAY-06JUNE. We spent $1800 on the tour and unfortunately forced to cancel because of the COVID-19 crisis.

We requested cancellation back in March and they have consistently given multiple excuses and lies for not returning our money. They originally refused to give any refund, but then looked up their refund policy for cancellations.

Claudious Tours policy states that they take a certain percentage of the cost for cancellations. For which we do understand that, but even after that they still refuse to give us our refund back through Paypal. They eventually said that they would start giving us installments of our money beginning 07 May, then every month after until paid.

They still have NOT given us our refund and continuously keep giving us lies and empty promises. This is unprofessional and it literally takes 20 minutes to do a refund on Paypal. The last email we received from Claudious was stated they have been issuing refunds to other customers. Attached to the email was ‘refunded reciept’ as so-called proof from another customer saying they were processing refunds. The receipt had this customer’s private information, address, banking info that WASN’T redacted. Anyone could’ve taken that information and committed identity theft on this person.

Please DO NOT do business with this agency, there are way better places to book with in Nairobi.

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Replied: May 26, 2020

Tour operator: Claudious Tours & Safaris

Hello Jeremy W, It is important to note that your money is safe and it will be paid no doubt about that. Always when we receive money from a client we forward it to the accommodation areas where the client will be staying and in the event of cancellations even us as a tour company we don't get any refunds from the camps and hotels and in this case of the COVID 19 all the hotels that we booked all our clients only resorted to rescheduling bookings and not refunding money back. So it is upon us to look for the money to pay you back. All we know is that sooner or later you will get your money back we deal with so many clients and we cant afford to lose them because of US $ 1800

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