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Amazing and Fantastic Trip to Zambia

Views: 748 Visited: Jul 2014 Reviewed: Mar 30, 2015

My two-week trip to Zambia was thrilling and fantastic. Almost immediately upon our arrival I saw an elephant wandering through the grounds of our lodge. I was so amazed to realize that we were located right in the middle of the wild animals’ habitat!

There were so many exciting things: the passion of the dedicated wildlife guides; a pride of lionesses stalking some cape buffalo and giving chase right in front of our jeep; stopping to watch a group of giraffes, being mesmerized by the way they move, enjoying their alert eyes and ears; watching a leopard walk right in front us, thrilled to see this beautiful, graceful, somewhat reclusive cat. I laugh every time I think of the hysterical and endearing warthogs; I was captivated by the zebra and loved looking at their stripes. I felt privileged to be a part of it all.

All this would have sufficed, but we were also introduced to local people in intimate settings – getting a chance to see how they lived their lives and start to appreciate their reality. Tom has had close contacts in Zambia for many years, which afforded us the opportunity to meet and interact with local villagers, community organizers, and local conservation activists.

This was such a deep and moving experience for me. It was enriched and heightened by sharing it so intimately with the group. We had a lot of fun together, laughed a lot and bonded closely – all enhanced, in turn, by the magnitude of what we were experiencing together.

It’s hard for me to imagine that we could have as rich and full an experience without the insights, guidance, connections and organization offered by Tom and Laura.

I treasure the fact that I took the chance on this trip. … I’ve come home feeling fulfilled, peaceful and satiated – and thinking about returning some day.

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