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Malawi safari guide

Companies: 179 operators
Tour packages: 29 tours
Parks: 4 parks
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Capital: Lilongwe
Population: 14 million
Total area:118,480 km² (45,745 miles²)
Languages: English
Airports: Lilonwe (LLW), Blantyre (BLZ)

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Type G (220V)

About Malawi

Located in east Africa just south of Tanzania, Malawi does not often spring to mind when one thinks of an African safari destination. Malawi is a small, landlocked African country, and over 20% of it is covered in water. Lake Malawi is a fresh-water that is over 600 km or 375 miles long and is home to a wide range of wildlife and stunning, undeveloped beaches. It is also the third largest lake in Africa after Lake Victoria and Lake Tanganyika. Malawi’s sub-Saharan climate means it generally tends to experience warm and humid weather year-round, with some months being more wet and humid than others.

Malawi has a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere and makes for an appealing choice for those wishing for a less hectic paced holiday. It also receives little tourism and people who visit will be rewarded with a more personal and non-blasé interaction with locals. Malawi, however, does not have stellar game-viewing opportunities and many of the large game animals are not found in this small country. Malawi is often recommended as a complement to neighboring country visit such as Tanzania, Zimbabwe or Zambia. 

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