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I am an "informal" traveler. I like designing my travel arrangements as I and use local transportation as much as possible to get a personal feel for the people and cultures I visit. I have an extensive academic background in various fields within the social sciences. This includes interdisciplinary cross-cultural studies (Doctorate), social work (MSW), informal experiential education, marketing and entrepreneurship. I have a wide range of real life experiences working as a freelance educational consultant, psychotherapist, group facilitator, student and teacher of culture and identity, and international humanitarian relief worker. For many years, I have travelled, studied and lived in a wide range of non-Western communities on five continents and have held adjunct teaching positions in colleges / universities. I am currently the International Representative of Worldwide Markets for Zohar African Safaris' (www.zoharafricansafaris.com), a company I helped co-found that is stimulating economic development in East Africa that provides custom designed and personalized safaris that integrates wildlife game viewing, recreational adventure travel activities and cultural immersion experiences for Western guests meeting remote African bush community hosts through interactive experiential exchanges.

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Aug 30, 2019
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