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I live the outdoors and adventure. So, you will find me trekking for gorillas, climbing mountains and hills in Uganda, and on the wild waters of the Nile River. My favorite mountain is the Rwenzori for its outrageous beauty, totally perfect for social distancing hiking and the snows and glaciers that await those who make it to the summit. Even without the summit of Margherita Peak, a trek in the Rwenzori Mountains beats any other mountain in Africa. I can guarantee it. Two national parks make my favorite, the Kidepo Valley National Park for it out of this world isolated experience, total lack of light pollution that is great and perfect for star gazers, and the perfect social distancing. You can be in the park and perfectly alone without another tour car in sight. Then there is the Murchison Falls National Park! Great river safari on the Nile River. Nothing like this in the whole breadth and diversity of Africa! My cherry here is the bush walk on the Baker's Trail - in the footsteps of the Ugandans who lead European and Arab explorers in the search of the source of the Nile River. Which river has the best and safest whitewaters for rafting all year round! That is me - an outdoors person.

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