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Bwindi Impenetrable National Park reviews

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“Seeing the volcano chain from our balcony at Gorilla Mist Lodge” - Wanderlust

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Views: 455 Visited: Nov 2014 Reviewed: Dec 09, 2015

Bwindi was our second gorilla-trekking experience. We also did Volcanoes, Rwanda, a few days earlier. We were in the Ruhija region of Bwindi, which requires some fancy driving skills and a very good Range Rover! The roads were muddy, steep and very tough to navigate. But, because of that, our area was much less crowded than Buhoma. We went by that region and it was full of backpackers and is also so close to a main road, that I was instantly glad we had such a remote location.
We stayed at Gorilla Mist Lodge and used All Gorilla Safaris for our trip. The lodge was good and dinners were tasty. It was cold at night, though, and there is no fireplace anywhere at this lodge, not even in the main dining area, so I slept in nearly every layer of clothing I owned!
The next day we went to be placed in our groups. A little tip: you can tell them your fitness level so they can put you in a group that has to walk a long way or just a little way to see the gorillas. I did not know this before, but once I saw how they were dividing up the groups, it became clear to me they were organizing us by fitness level!
There are rangers out all night long who know where these animals are and this is how they can determine who gets to trek which group.
My experience on this trek wasn't as good as in Volcanoes. We were placed in a group that wanted to do a lot of selfies with the gorillas, which I felt was disrespectful. Several times our guide had to tell them to please back away from the gorillas. Also, our silver back was far smaller than the ones we saw in Rwanda. And, our guide in Rwanda rocked! That said, it is worth trekking both regions. Bwindi, in my experience, is far steeper and I enjoyed the remote location of Ruhija.

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