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Katavi National Park reviews

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“Carry insect repellant, tsetse flies can be a real bother” - Skywalker

Shh! Don't Tell Too Many People

Views: 826 Visited: Nov 2012 Reviewed: May 20, 2013

One of the smallest national parks in tanzania , Katavi National Park is an untouched natural wildlife haven. Remote and far from civilisation, one has to have a certain insistent, determination to go there as I found out. The travel agents will promote other big parks in Northern Tanzania and talk less about Katavi. We were on a countrywide tour of Tanzania and KNP was our next stop.

Due to its remoteness, getting to KNP by vehicle is not advisable. Chartering a light aircraft from Arusha will get you there in 4 hrs time. There are few lodges in the camp, 3 if am not wrong so make proper travel arrangements before embarking on your visit there. Our stay was at Chada camp, a temporary 6 tented camp in KNP. After a well deserved nights rest, we were provided our own guide. Before our drive we were advised to change our clothes, apparently bright colors attract tsetse flies which are very common in the park (wear clothes with blending bush colors).

Visitors are advised to travel in the dry season since there is plenty of game then, but we saw similar if not plenty game here and it was on the wet season. The vegetation was green and lush. We saw hippos playing in pots of water, zebras afar in the grassland, large prides of lions numbering over 20, elephants, buffalo, giraffes were all around us. Everything was flourishing around us, unlike in the dry season where there is competition for limited resources. The game drive was amazing--private, comfortable, no interference from other travellers, truly unique.

Private, remote, secluded not a tourist circus, KNP is an unspoilt natural marvel. For the adventurous spirits out there, KNP is a must visit, but shhh don't tell too many people!

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