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Kilimanjaro National Park reviews

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100% absolutely loved climbing Kilimanjaro

Views: 121 Visited: Dec 2018 Reviewed: Apr 02, 2019

If you are looking to climb Mt Kilimanjaro or go on Safari in Africa I enthusiastically recommend Mgalaa Expeditions.

We climbed the mountain in 8 days via the Lemosho & Western Breach Route and then down the Mweka Route. This route allows you to see both sides of the mountain & not have to double back at all, you camp at crater camp so you summit still feeling fresh after a short climb in the morning. We had a small group of 7 American climbers with various ages and stamina levels and everyone made it to the top and back down without problems. Other companies make you climb for 12-15 hours on summit day. Other companies will take shorter routes (less time for acclimatization!), use less porters, leave more waste on the mountain and do not carry proper emergency equipment (oxygen & a portable hyperbolic chamber). I thought climbing the mountain would be a difficult climb, but the way they planned the route and the great food they provided us on the mountain made it easy for a flat-lander from Wisconsin.

The company is small and locally owned with a small marketing budget(sound familiar?). The co-owner is Nema. She grew up in the area and is committed to building a sustainable company that pays fair wages. The don't have fancy brochures and DVD marketing videos, but trip costs are more reasonable, and the service is better than many big-name climbing companies.

We visited 2 national parks on safari and saw all of the major African animal species in that area (except the reclusive black rhino). The lodges they booked for us had great food and atmosphere. One place we stayed at was off-grid with solar water & heat they had tent-like hotel rooms & just outside the national park so they had native people to escort you and guard the camp at night in case wild animals (baboons, elephants, giraffes) came into the lodge area.

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