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Lake Manyara National Park reviews

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“Lake Manyara is very accessible and the you can get relatively close to the exotic birds along its shoreline. Watching its to ups of baboons at a very close distance carrying their young on their backs and bellies is fascinating. ” - Ken Firestone

Game Drive at Lake Manyara NP Tanzania

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It takes about 2 hours to drive from Arusha, the 'Gateway' to the Serengeti to Lake Manyara on a well paved road. Lake Manyara is a scenic gem and lies between the eastern and western escarpments of the Rift Valley.

The Lake Manyara area is known for its resident forest that fed by an underground water forest that keeps the park green throughout the year. This attracts both wetland and migratory birds. The lake is dominated by shallow alkaline-saline soda waters that evaporate from the Rift Valley's heat leaving high concentrations of sodium carbonate and saline (salt) . This creates an ideal environment for micro-organism's to thrive that produces blue-green benthic algae. This attracts flamingos that feed on it. In addition to flamingos, Manyara National Parks's common species include large troops of baboons, vervet monkeys, blue / syke monkeys, buffalos, giraffes, tree climbing lions, kudus, wildebeest, zebras, hippos, elephants, Grant and Thomson gazelles, lions, impalas, cheetahs,hyrax, elands, bush backs, warthogs, leopards, waterbucks, and dik diks. Manyara also has diverse bird species. Night game drives can be booked in advance.

Mto wa Mbu, a town near to the national park, has a population of 18,000 people from 85 different tribe, making it one of the most culturally rich towns in Africa. This cultural confluence has led to it becoming the center for a variety of multicultural activities. You have village walk, bicycle around the lake and to waterfalls for the well fit, canoe and tour a local brewery.

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