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Lake Manyara National Park reviews

26 reviews

“Best day of the whole safari” - Mariantims

Lake Manyara with hot water springs

Views: 1473 Visited: Jan 2014 Reviewed: Dec 21, 2015

What I read abput Lake Manyara was very nice and make me curious to go to there. And, it is very nice to visit.
Coming out of the rain forest, crossing a river by car, and then you're in the park. Baboons on the car later lots of elephants we saw walking. There is a big quagmire and we wait there. A few minutes later the first elephants are playing in the mud. An old lady with one tooth is looking to us but she trusts us and also wallows in the mud. A little elephant ducks itself in the mud; marvelous to see.

After about 15 minutes the family of elephants walks around us and goes through the grass into the lake. I know its not allowed, and of course I didn't, but they were so close that you could touch them.

Further, my guide saw lions with cubs under a tree and the food was next to them, a buffalo. Now to the hot springs. The water is really hot! I try to go with my finger in the water, but not possible. During the day we did not see any other cars. When we saw the lions, it was too dangerous to go alone on the group. My guide called to see if someone was not to far away. Yes, one car could be in 20 minutes with us. We had our lunch with us, so we ate and waited and when the other arrives, we could go one time around the lions.

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