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Lake Nakuru National Park reviews

26 reviews

“Pink is mother nature's favorite color” - Mufasavader

The pink horizon

Views: 75 Visited: Aug 2014 Reviewed: Sep 24, 2019

As you enter the park, you are graced with the savannah bushland, beautiful untouched nature in its flamboyance. The zebras are the first animals that you will encounter, beautiful majestic beasts in their numbers, grazing so ever beautifully minding their own task.

Within the national park there is a narrow dirt road where you can enjoy a slow game drive and see the beautiful animals that roam the park. As you reach the lake, the pink horizon finally reveals itself. Flamingos in their thousands add pink color to the blue,leaving you dumbfounded by the dazzling beauty that is this scenery, Lake Nakuru.

Get your boots on and walk towards the shoreline where you will smell the aromas Nature has to offer. About a yard away, the buffalo grazes so quietly ignoring the chatter of the flamingos. When you think it's all over, there is a peak where you can hike and see the national park in its full glory while interacting with the monkeys.

When you are in full connection with mother nature you are oblivious to time until she reminds you with a beautiful setting of the sun. The sunset leaves you realizing how lucky you are to be alive, to experience all these glory. As night approaches you can choose to set camp within the national park or return to town and book a hotel, awaiting for the next days adventure.

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