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Mgahinga Gorilla National Park reviews

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“Carry heavy sweaters and torches because the place is really cold and some places have no electricity.” - Angel

Carry heavy sweaters and torches because the place is really cold

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Mgahinga National Park

For all the years I had been in boarding schools with very strict rules and regulations. So joining the university was one of my dreams come true because there was no one to control my movements. The very first long trip I took was to Mgahinga national park which is located in the far south of western Uganda. We moved under the umbrella of the students association from my home area. The ten hour drive from Kampala was so amazing to the extent that I did not even want to dose in the bus. We used public means because we could not afford private means. I had always had stories about Kisoro where the park is located because of its meandering roads, cliffs and cold weather, beautiful scenery, the little people who live in the mountains and depend on bush food and this time I was going to see all these things myself.

The amazing things started when we reached Kabale which is the nearest big town to the park because the weather changed drastically, the hills were so amazing , the way they carry out their agriculture because of the topography of land and everything was new all together. These people carry out terracing, something that I used to study in school but had never seen before. We reached in this town around 4pm since we started our journey as early as 6 in the morning. Since the buses those days would stop in that Kabale, We made a stop over to have some eats and interact with people. Life was not hard there because we could all speak and understand the language and the food was familiar because we are also from that region though from another district which is in the heart of western Uganda.

At around 5pm we left Kabale for kisoro aboard a pickup truck because they are the only vehicles that could go through those impassable roads. Watching those meandering roads pass each other was a great experience though at some points we would close our eyes in order not to see those very sharp cliffs. Those roads are so identical to the extent that you think your still at the same spot even if you see the car moving. Then finally after three hour we reached Kisoro town where by we got accommodation and in the morning we used bicycles to the National park which was also a great experience. The language there is a bit different and communication was not that smooth. When we reached we were given a guide who took us around as we watched those mountain Gorillas whose behavior is 90% human. It was interesting to watch them, carry, feed and protect their babies. It was such a refreshing experience up there.

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