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Mgahinga Gorilla National Park reviews

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The Unplanned hike : Mgahinga 360 degrees

Views: 811 Visited: Feb 2013 Reviewed: Apr 26, 2013

The park takes its name from "Gahinga" the local word for the piles of volcanic stones at the foot of the volcanoes. We came to view the mountain gorrilas, but one of the locals advised us that most family of gorillas in Mgahinga like to split their time in neighbouring Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)and it was rare to find them in the park.

The only option we had was to visit the only habituated gorilla group in Mgahinga known as Nyakagezi but there were so many tourist groups visiting that Gorilla group it dampened our moods. We wanted a unique spontaneous adventorous experience , not a pre-planned average visit, with large groups of persons . We were told of how many members the Nyakagezi Gorilla group had, time it takes to get there and what to expect when we get there by one of the park guides.

This wasnt the unique experience We had signed up for, nevertheless we decided to stay for one day so as to try other attractions in the park.

After debating with the locals on the best experience we could have we decided to do a day day hike on the Gahinga trail which normally take's about six hours and climbs to the base of Mt Gahinga .These picturesque, conical volcanoe straddle Uganda’s borders with Congo and Rwanda, and on a clear day the peaks offer an unravelled view of all three countries.

We began our hike at the park station with a short briefing about the hike, the park and the environment with our guide. An armed guard was also provided to us to provide support should we encounter elephants or buffalo's on the trail.

The trail starts in a reclaimed farm land and winds up to the edge of the dense forest. The hike was steep in places but not challenging for the average hiker ,along the hike it did get damp as fog crept in and over the mountain. The scenery was both picturesque and breathtaking from the swaying branches of then giant bamboo trees, animal footprints across the trail and colorful variety of birds across the sky that joyfully chirped as if to encourage us to finish the trail, it was a sight to behold.

It wasnt the experience we had come here for but it did offer a good alternative.

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