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Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area reviews

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“Deviate from the masses! There are tracks all over the crater, and wildlife abounds everywhere.” - Churchmanb

Overwhelming. Feel like a kid at Disney World.

Views: 610 Visited: Mar 2009 Reviewed: May 28, 2013

This place is too much.
We paid our $150 extra to drive our car in, and at the rim of the crater, this massive maned monster of a lion strutted by and gave us the look. Like perhaps the car was just a bun and we the burger.
Descending into the crater, it begins. Long, sloped views of plains and forest and lake splashed with brown of wildebeest and pink of flamingo. Herds moving this way and that.
We had a wildebeest set its forehead against our driver's window. Just seemed curious is all.
A herd of wildebeest ran across the road while we drove. We stopped and they stormed all around us. What?!
The flamingos against the lake make for great photography.
We say a hyena bathed red in blood. Those things are terrifying. Some lions were feeding on a kill, and the land rovers descended. This is why it's nice to have your own vehicle.
We nudged info a view, and then got the heck out of there. The crater is enormous...why join the crowd?
Elephants in the forest on the far side of the crater were peaceful and far from the tourist routes.
A very focused high-density wildlife safari location. You will never forget a single moment spent here. Wondrous.

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