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Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area reviews

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“Amazing preserved space - HUGE crater!” - JodieO

Microcosm - - a world of animals in an old volcanic crater.

Views: 842 Visited: Oct 1993 Reviewed: Apr 22, 2013

About 12 miles across in diameter, this flat plateau inside an old crater is a world unto itself. The walls can barely be seen from one side, but whole weather systems travel over the middle for one to watch; a storm dumped rain slantedly as it moved across quickly.

After a 45 minute harrowing ride switch-backing down the crater wall, we found forests, lakes, savannahs… Monkeys latched onto our vehicle and joined us! Elephants were in the forests.. and we got to sit in our open truck and have lunch next to 10 lazy lions. One would occasionally saunter past us to look out at wildebeest or zebra to track, but decide they were satisfied enough and go back to napping.

Here was where we saw our lone rhino, a real treat! – and luckily not a threat as it decided to skip challenging our truck or another that pulled up. How rare, now. And, the only major African animal NOT to be in the crater?? – the giraffe. Why? It can’t navigate the steep crater walls the way it is built.

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