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Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area reviews

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“February and there were baby animals of all kinds everywhere” - Darian

It's an animal paradise!

Views: 516 Visited: Feb 2015 Reviewed: Mar 30, 2015

With the light of a new dawn progressively streaming out across the floor as we made our way down the side of the crater, we rapidly understood what an animal ‘paradise’ the crater is.

They are all here except for cheetah, giraffe and leopard, the latter which can be found up around the top of the rim of the crater if you are very, very lucky. The animals can come and go if they choose, but most don’t because everything is here. The crater receives plenty of rain to grow food for the grazing animals, and there are plenty of those for the predators to eat.

So we started our full day watching hundreds of gazelles, wildebeest and zebra and plenty of their babies, then hyena harassing a small pride of lions who had just finished feeding on an overnight kill. There was another pride of lions sleeping off full stomachs from their overnight buffalo kill.

Breakfast was enjoyed parked near a large herd of resting cape buffalo; as we watched through binoculars, a black rhino and her baby were wandering across the plains area.

After watching some huge bull elephants near a marsh and another make two game drive cars look very small, we eventually had lunch next to a hippo pool along with a small crowd of other people.

There were many photos taken that day and as we climbed back out of the crater late in the day up another one-way road, thunderstorms swept in over the crater bringing brief but heavy rain to the animals below.

Truly an amazing place!

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