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Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area reviews

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“Discovering (at the time) one of only three packs of African wild dogs in the Serengeti was astonishing!” - Maynard

An Eden outside your land cruiser

Views: 371 Visited: Jun 2016 Reviewed: Mar 06, 2018

When I started planning our African safari, I knew the Serengeti was near the top of my list. I was, unfortunately, not aware of the magnificence of Ngorongoro Crater. When I read about the crater (and its proximity to the Serengeti), I was sure this was where my African safari would need to take place. And when I learned how much Tanzania is working towards conservation, that sealed the deal for me.

Ngorongoro Crater is compact by many safari standards (about 100 square miles inside the caldera). The game and the scenery are both breathtaking. I would suggest a stay on the rim for the views, but also plan on getting up as early as possible and being one of the first into the crater. We spotted the nocturnal bat-eared fox right off the bat (sorry, couldn't help myself). A fairly rare sighting when the sun was up. Paul (our extraordinary guide from Earthlife Expeditions) helped us not only see that small animal off in the brush, but also: a leopard's larder, rhinos, lions on the (unsuccessful) hunt, magnificent birds, hyenas, elephants and jackals.

It is a wonderful treasure with quite a varied landscape. If you love giraffes or are on the prowl for cheetah, this is not the place. Neither of those animals favor the crater. But it is an incredible place. You can spend the whole day there and retire back to your lodge on the rim for the sunset, or be packed when you leave on that early morning adventure to head to your next destination after lunch. Depends on your time frame and itinerary. We spent two nights on the rim as we were on the way to the Serengeti, so it would be a longer drive the next day. Many folks go to Ngorongoro after the Serengeti so they can leave that afternoon to be at Tarangire or Lake Manyara by nightfall.

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