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Selous Game Reserve reviews

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“African Wild Dogs hunting an impala showed true skill!” - Africa Tried and Tested

Unchallenged wilderness

Views: 640 Visited: Jul 2009 Reviewed: Oct 17, 2014

I had been to several of the northern parks of Tanzania numerous times already when I got a chance to explore the southern parks. Oh my, that was something I should have done way earlier! Okay I agree, if you want to go for the abundant wildlife, the incredible Great Migration, you should go to the Northern Parks. But if you already visited the Northern Parks, I would really suggest to try the Southern Tanzania on your next visit!
I was lucky to travel to Selous in the time the TAZARA trains (Tanzania-Zambia Railway) were still running by schedule (more or less). A great experience on its own! The train ride felt like one big adventure, meals served in our cabin, having a drink at the bar in the train seeing the landscape passing by, the stops in the little village with the bursting colors of the womens khangas en kitenges who came to our windows to sell us fruits and snacks and of course the occasional stops: sorry a buffalo is on the trail, sorry elephants are blocking our way. And after this fantastic train ride, Selous National Reserve....
Wooow... you sometimes feel it is only you which is driving around. I mean I think on my first game drive in Selous, we actually met four other vehicles, three of which we met at the entrance gate and one when we were having our picnic break with a fantastic view over the lakes! Everything just feels wilder, animals react to the sounds of vehicles, except for the lions who just open one eye! And then, for me the absolute highlight: African Wild Dogs. My most favorite animal which always manage to capture me with their fantastic hunts, their well organised pack life! Oh and did I mention the game walk we did? Once on foot you realize an elephant is a truly majestic animal!
And after all this excitement, what would one love better than sipping a cold gin-tonic while watching hippos in the Rufiji River?

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