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Getting to Virunga National Park

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Virunga’s proximity to Rwanda and Uganda makes it one of the more accessible national parks in DR Congo. CAA, Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation, a national carrier, offers flights from Kinshasa to Beni, which is just outside of Virunga. This airline also services Johannesberg, so it’s also possible to fly from South Africa into Virunga with just one plane change. For Garamba, your best option is to hire a charter flight. Qwikflight, http://www.qwikflight.com/dr-congo-air-charter/, offers flights from Kinshasa to Beni and to Dungu, which is not too far from Garamba. They also provide helicopter flights, for those looking to do aerial filming or who may wish to land even closer than an airstrip can provide.

Another company that offers regional service within DR Congo is Air Tropiques. 

Getting to Virugna from Uganda 

Virunga National Park can also be reached by crossing over the border in Uganda, in two places. The Kisoro-Busanza Rd just south of Bwindi, or, north of Lake Edward, just outside of the town Bwera. Border crossing can be tricky, and it’s highly advised to do this with a reputable tour operator, if this is your choice

International airlines that service towns near Virunga


Domestic and international operations in DRC. Compagnie Africaine D'Aviation, CAA, was created on February 5, 1991. From the transport of Blattner Group company employees, business has been extended on commercial passenger on secondary destinations in the DRC. From 2009 the fleet is modernized and the network complemented by the introduction of Fokker 50 and 320 AIRBUS last generation, providing a complete home network to customers. End of 2012 marks a new step in the CAA's growth strategy by signing a commercial agreement with technical flyCongo. Thus putting the foundation for the international expansion of the company. Website

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