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Safari tour package: A custom, tailor-made, private safari
Prices: $2000
Includes internal flights: No
Length of safari: 12 days
Best months: All year
Countries visited: Madagascar Madagascar
Parks visited: Kirindy Mitea
Activity level: Moderate - Game walks, Cultural visits
Safari type:
  • Romantic
  • Cultural

DAY 1 : TULEAR - IFATY 20 km
Arrival in Tuléar, then we’ll drive for 35 km to Ifaty which is situated in the Deep South. We will cross the dry and sandy soil where local people suffer for the lack of drinking water. The landscape will be dominated by the spiny forest like the cactus, different euphorbiacea and didieracea. Many mangrove trees are lining along the coast alternated by Vezo villages which earn their living on fishing.  We will see many small pirogues, men go on fishing twice a day, children and women are waiting on the coast to fetch the fishermen and bring the fish to Tuléar to be sold. Arrival in Ifaty at the end of the afternoon. Night in HOTEL LE PARADISIER*** / BELLE VUE**


Day off. Ifaty lies on the north of Tuléar. Situated in the largest lagoon of the country, it is an ideal place for relaxing. Many excursions are possible on the spot like whales watching or sea excursion with local boat. From July to mid September, whales are coming to the cool sea of Madagascar to give birth. It is a very spectacular experience as sometimes we will see the whales very near our boat. Situated in the largest lagoon of the country, Ifaty is also protected by a large coral reef which makes it an ideal place for diving and snorkelling. In the afternoon we can walk to the village of Mangily where we can have an experience off the Vezo Fishermen’s life, especially when the fishermen come back from fishing.
Visit of “ Spiny forest” the forest typically from the south where we will find some Baobab samples and another special trees. Night in the same hotel.
DAY 3 : IFATY - ISALO :  247 km
After breakfast we head on to Isalo. This step brings us to the interior part of Madagascar, the land of Mahafaly. Along the way we’ll see many tombs of this tribe. Before seeing Isalo, we pass through the national park of Zombitse, a transition zone between the dry south and the land of Isalo, a formation of continental sandstone rocks. We will pass as well the plateaux des baobabs which makes Madagascar very famous of. There are 7 species of Baobabs in Madagascar whereas African continent has only 2 species. Arrival in Isalo around noon. Settling in   JARDIN DU ROY*** / ISALO RANCH**

Day excursion in the National Park of Isalo and the famous «Natural swimming pool». This park is very famous for its strange geological formation. Composed with sandstone and eroded by the rain and the wind, this mountain offers the most spectacular scenery of the country. This is also a place where the BARA tribes used to bury their dead until they have enough money to buy a silver coffin. If we are lucky, we will see the lemur catta during this walk.  In the afternoon, we can go to the village of Ranohira, and then drive to the museum of the national park. Around 16.30, we’ll drive to the “The Natural window “where we see the beautiful sunset between rocks which looks like window. Accommodation in the same hotel.

Drive northward to Fianarantsoa. Today we enter the rocky mountain chain of Andringitra which is very picturesque remaining of Arabian civilisation. Then the landscape changes when we enter the highland, we cross the “Gate of South” which serves as a transition between the south and the fresh and green highland. Stop in Ambalavao to visit the « Papier Anteimoro » workshop, this is also the region of grapes plantation and wine industry. Arrival in Fianarantsoa, the capital of Betsileo tribes around 16.00.
Night in hotel ZOMATEL**

Early in the morning, day excursion to Ranomafana National Park. Today we explore the rain forest of Madagascar. Ranomafana is situated in the east. Apart from its huge tropical forest, it is also a thermal city where visitors can relax in the hot spring water. Night in the hotel SETAM LODGE** / IHARY HOTEL*

Today we explore the rainy forest of Madagascar: the Ranomafana National Park which was created in 1991... This expedition in the forest with special guide enables us to see 12 species lemurs, the most important one the "golden lemurs" which has been discovered very recently, more than 100 birds, reptiles, butterflies and other insects. The area is covered with forest, in the higher areas the trees are festooned with mosses, lichens, and orchid. Afternoon free, we can have a visit Ranomafana village or go to the swimming pool of. Night in the same hotel.

Departure to Antsirabe after breakfast. Today we come across the highland which is characterised by rice fields on stage, its chilly climate and the population which has the features of Asian people. Stop in Ambositra, the capital of Zafimaniry craft to visit a wood-carving workshop. Continuation to Antsirabe in the afternoon. Arrival around 15.00. City tours of Antsirabe and visit a lapidary. Night in the RESIDENCE CAMELIA**c:and settingsloontjensdocumentscreator

Departure to Miandrivazo early in the morning, still across the highland. Today the landscape is changing, we will see rice fields, then red soil, many erosion « lavaka », then the vegetation becomes dryer. A very strange formation of granite because of the erosion. Arrival in Miandrivazo at noon, transfer to Masiakampy where the boat is waiting to sail to Tsiribihina. Beginning of the cruise. Stop around Sahambano.  Camping on the bank of the river on full board.
Departure around 07.30, breakfast on board. This day is for seeing animals like lemurs, crocodiles, birds, bats all along the sailing; and to have a look of primary forest. Around 09.30, trekking until the natural swimming pool for bathing or under the waterfalls. Lunch on board. Arrival in Berevo around 15.30. Visit of  Berevo village . Camping on the bank of the river on full board.

Departure around 07.30. After the end of « Gorge of Bemaraha », we cross the plain of Menabe which is characterised by the rice plantation on the bank of the river. We can also experience the life of Sakalava tribes who live along this big river. Arrival in Tsimafana. Then drive to Morondava during 3 hours. Stop in « ALLEE DES BAOBABS » for sunset photo, a beautiful area characterised by baobabs lane. Night in the hotel CHEZ MAGGIE**/ RENALA**.

DAY 12 : MORONDAVA -  another destination
Transfer to the airport to fly to another destination or extension.

The North is a cross-sample of the diversity which makes Madagascar so attractive. Start from Diego with its be...

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