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Discover Analamazaotra Park and Ankanin'ny Nofy

Safari tour package: A custom, tailor-made, private safari
Prices: $700 - $900
Includes internal flights: No
Length of safari: 5 days
Best months: February - December
Countries visited: Madagascar Madagascar
Parks visited: Andasibe-Mantadia
Activity level: Easy - Game drives, bush dinners
Safari type:
  • Cultural
  • Birding
This Tour will introduce you to the greenest part of the island. This tour offers you activities in the middle of nature with the visit of a nature reserve that shelters the largest of the lemurs "Indri Indri" in Andasibe. In Ankanin'nynofy you can visit the reserve 'the Palmarium', with its botanical garden housing plant species from the south of Madagascar (aloes, pachypodium, didieracea ... .) without forgetting the lemurs who liven up the Reserve



After breakfast, head east via RN2. After an hour by car, you can feel a breath of fresh air that already foreshadows the eastern wetlands where you will soon enter. We stop at the Peyreras Reserve where cameleons, crocodiles, frogs, snakes, lemurs, uroplatus ... we take the road to lunch in Moramanga, then in the afternoon, arrival in Andasibe. After two and a half hours, she moved to the hotel and then to the island of the lemurs of Vakona.



The visit of Andasibe continues with, in the morning, the National Park of Analamazoatra (8,140 ha) and that of Mantadia (15,500 ha), all characterized by its wet forest. The dense forest is home to a multitude of endemic species, some of which are in danger (77% of the flora, more than 80% of the fauna and 58% of the birds). To make it short and without giving an exhaustive list, the National Park contains 108 species of birds, 72 of mammals including 14 species of lemurs, 51 of reptiles, 84 of amphibians, 350 of macro-insects, with a rate of endemicity overall of about 82%. As for the flora, we can cite, among others, the species of orchids, guava trees of China, eucalyptus, bamboos... in the afternoon, we go to meet the villagers Tanala before the continuation of the next day's trip.



Breakfast with the cries of Indri-indri who announce the sunrise before continuing the exploration of the green forests of the East. After a few kilometers from Brickaville, we take the junction that leads to Manambato on a dirt road. There, the boat waits for the tourists to take them to Akanin'ny Nofy where there is a palmarium. Set up in the hotel, visit the Reserve which also contains lemurs, snakes and other endemic animals. And at night, tourists go to meet the Aye-aye to observe them.



In the morning, visit of the reserve of the Palmarium, in the middle of species of fauna and flora, terrestrial and arboreal endemic. Like lemurs, orchids, carnivorous plants, mahogany, Ebony and palm trees still endemic to Madagascar. Afternoon off.



Departure by boat to Manambato after breakfast, then return to the capital

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