From Nile River tours to mountain gorilla trekking, Uganda has it all!

Uganda safari guide

Companies: 929 operators
Tour packages: 909 tours
Parks: 8 parks
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Capital: Kampala
Population: 32 million
Total area:236,040 km² (91,136 miles²)
Languages: English
Airports: Entebbe (EBB)

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About Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country that lies to the north of Tanzania and Rwanda and to the west of Kenya. It is located on the Equator and has a generally warm, equatorial climate that does vary from north to south and by altitude. The south tends to have weather patterns similar to that of Tanzania, with distinct rainy seasons. The north, which borders with Sudan, is much drier and is even prone to drought.
Although Uganda is landlocked, it does contain a good portion of Africa’s largest lake – Lake Victoria. The lake lies in the southeastern corner of Uganda and about 45% of Lake Victoria belongs to Uganda. The territory around the shores of Lake Victoria makes for an ideal safari setting as it serves as a water source for many animals including elephants, hippos, giraffes and a stunning array of birds.

The southwestern part of Uganda becomes more mountainous and tropical, with the very southwestern part being the location of Mgahinga National Park. Mgahinga shares a border with Parc des Volcans inRwanda and Parc des Virunga in DRC. It is in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park where travelers can view mountain gorillas. Uganda is one of three countries where these creatures can be seen and is the only country with two national parks for mountain gorillas: Mgahinga and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The other two countries are DR Congo and Rwanda. Uganda’s western mountains are home to many primates, and chimpanzee treks are very popular in its western parks.

For those wishing to see mountain gorillas on their safari, Uganda offers the most established tourism infrastructure. Uganda is a popular safari destination, particularly for other African countries, and roughly 50% of Uganda’s tourists come from neighboring Kenya. Uganda’s range of terrain also makes it a great choice for those seeking a more standard safari coupled with a mountain gorilla or chimpanzee viewing. Due to the slippery and foliage-dense terrain of the mountain gorilla, for those wishing to do a gorilla safari it is advisable that they be in good physical condition. These areas are also malaria-ridden and anti-malarial medication is needed. For those who are physically and mentally prepared for a mountain gorilla safari, Uganda is an excellent choice. 

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